Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Roots Tech - The Experience

This was the first time I brought my husband to Roots Tech.

Bill has been to NGS, FGS and Jamboree. Usually he spends most of his time in the vender hall and attends a couple classes. He's been known to skip the classes entirely. And, he's been known to stay home. 

This time he decided to join me. 

We got to Salt Lake two days early to have time to work in the Library. I jumped on him for not taking advantage of the people at the Family History Library and what a difference it made. I took him down to the British floor to work on his Mayhew/Mayo line and he met some excellent helpers who lite a fire under him. 

How does this relate to Roots Tech? I wish I had a really good answer for that but it did make a difference in how he viewed the conference. Roots Tech is hard not to like even with zillions of people. The keynotes were a combination of pop culture and family history and definitely worth your time to watch. Remember that all the keynotes and about four classes each day are posted on the Roots Tech website. 

The vender area is the largest I've ever seen at a genealogy conference. It's full of small venders, innovators and book/photo scanners in addition to the normal suspects. We talked to the people at Excelsior College about their "Practicum in Genealogical Research." Also visited The Georgia Genealogical Society about IGHR. Bill's favorite is always American Ancestors. In reality, we visited just about everyone. 

Josh Taylor's class " Tracing Families Online, 15 amazing Tools" was his favorite class, at least the one where he took the most notes. Bill's been attending GSNOCC meetings for years and must not have listened very well, everything seemed new.

He loved the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Hammerstein program. Found the MyHeritage party great fun. Enjoyed meeting Peggy Lauritzen on our drive to Dear Myrtle's after Party and found plenty of people to talk to.

The final vote -- he wants to come back next year. Roots Tech success.


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