Saturday, February 11, 2017

Friday at RootsTech

LaVar Burton was the highlight of the morning. It's a good thing that this is one of the recorded offerings as we missed some of it. I'll have to catch up at home.

I attended Creating an Effective Research Plan with Angela McGie. She's a great presenter and has a thorough handout.

This time, several attendees asked if they could take pictures of her slides and received the expected, on my part, negative answer. I noticed, throughout the day, that more people asked about taking pictures than yesterday, which is good. There was a lengthy rant on Facebook about the  indiscriminate taking of pictures of slides. This seems to be a problem at RootsTech.  In my opinion it's because the attendees are not regular conference goers.  For many of them this is the only conference they attend. We need to make sure they understand the concept of intellectual property.

I spent lunch wondering the vendor hall. Even bought 10 AncestryDNA kits. It helps to have your husband along.

Military Pension Law with Rich Sayre was my one o'clock class.  That man is a wealth of knowledge.  I wish that I was closer to Washington DC so I could use NARA on a regular basis.

I was somewhat disappointed in Kip Sperry's Finding Your Ancestors in US Church Records. It was very basic. I have trouble finding church records for my ancestors and I need some magic lessons that I don't think exist. Church records are one area where on site research is necessary.

The MyHeritage after party was another unique experience at RootsTech. The  karaoke was fantastic.I wish I had the personality to get up there and sing and dance. I came home with a  souvenir bent spoon from one of the magicians. It's quite art piece. Picture attached. Talked to a number of genealogists.

Tomorrow I'm spending some time in the Library. Too much little time.


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